Beginners Guide: Lubricant Launcher


lubricant launcher is a narrowed injector that makes it completely comfortable to ease into anal or vaginal play by lubricating the hard to reach places. It has convenient finger grips that allow precise insertion while the attractive casing is as easy to clean and it includes two additional launchers (when you get the 3-pack). It is as simple as loading it up and shoot it out.

We found the lubricant launcher to be perhaps more fun than it should have been. This is one of those “best thing you never heard of” type of things and when we discovered the lubricant launcher we had share.

How To Use A Lubricant Launcher

To use a lubricant launcher simply insert the tip in your lubricant of choice and fill up the syringe. Once filled with lubricant you can insert the top in the area you want to lube up and depress the plunger releasing the lubricant. Also this is a great way to get ready for all of your adventures.

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What makes it amazing?

An efficient lubricant can aid with ease of insertion and penetration and yet, there’re some areas that might be a bit more difficult to apply lubricant to. With this handy lubricant launcher, you are capable of applying your favorite lube much more accurately and this is achieved by simply placing the tube launcher into your favorite lube and pull the ring. With a full launcher, slide it into the vaginal or anal opening of your partner and push on the ring. This way the launcher will easily and without messing apply the lubricant.

For more information select one of the options below you can view more on the lubricant launcher and add yours to your love toy arsenal today!

They come in all colors and sizes for maximum personalization!


  • lubricant launcher has an easy grip that is one-handed design ultimate for better accuracy.
  • More precise application of your favorite lube for it has a sealing cap to avoid spills.
  • It’s accompanied by 2 additional tubes.
  • Hefty 5” insertable shaft goes in deep.

Ways to use lubricant launchers

No need to fumble in the dark! Cleanup is very easy – easy and quick to take apart.

  • A must have if you’re playing with larger toys
  • excellent to use as a compliment to an enema
  • Great for injecting lube inside your favorite toys
  • Prevent friction

Pre-loaded Disposable Lubricant Launcher

Want something already loaded and disposable? This is the best choice and available on amazon.

Keep your favorite lube on you at all times. Just in case! This hybrid lube contains a blend of silicone and water-based formulas to provide you with a lubricant that is long-lasting and safe with any material. 

Great for travel or a night out, a pack of 6 tubes of passion performance super slick gel will ensure that you are prepared for whatever comes your way! Non-staining and easy to clean, this lubricant still remains ultra-slick and silky for smooth motion. This non-sticky lube cleans easily with soap and water. Size: 6 tubes of .17 oz. For a total of 1 oz.

Pre-loaded Disposable Lubricant Launcher

Disposable Lubricant Launcher

    We got your covered with this 10 pack of disposable applicators excellent for all your needs. It has the same smooth design as other applicators. The shape  of this lubricant launcher is designed to penetrate a woman in a painless and comfortable way.
    Never have to clean up or use a dirty applicator with these cost effective disposables. For a great price on this ten pack you can just re-order whenever needed from amazon.


Quick Lube Tips:

This is a liquid used to make your vagina more “wet” so that any in-and-out goes more smoothly. Here are some facts about lube that you should know before deciding to try out your own Sexy Slip N’ slide;

  • Application of lube to your sexy parts can be fun part of foreplay! Be creative and always be safe.
  • You can buy lube that’s made out of all kind of things- petroleum, silicone, etc but the water based lube will always turn out to be the best. This is because its less likely to irritate your delicate lady-bits and is totally safe to use with a condom.
  • Petroleum-based lubes are a major no-no since then can actually make the condom break. Unwanted pregnancy, anyone? Yeah. No. Didn’t think so.
  • Lubes that contain glycerin which is sugar can give you a yeast infection. Avoid them however much they say that it comes in tasty flavors!
  • Lube can be used on your guy over the condom and even on sex toys.
  • Never use cooking oils, Vaseline or any other random kitchen stuff as lube for you could damage your condom or even end up with nasty vaginal infection. So not worth it.

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