Realistic Sex Doll Buyers Guide: Tips for Choosing the Best Sex Doll

Life is too short to be missing out on the trending realistic sex doll craze. For the first time ever, it is possible to buy love and happiness from a silicone sex doll that can also be your companion. And as technology advances, we are edging closer and closer to an authentic sexual experience with a realistic sex doll.

Realistic love dolls are no longer a social taboo. Everyone, from the rich to the middle-income average Joe, is buying them. The realistic sex doll market is growing rapidly as well, providing an array of options to choose from.

However, this growing variety presents the challenge of choosing the perfect realistic sex doll. If you already are in this dilemma, worry no more. This comprehensive sex doll buyers guide should point you to your rightful silicon wife in no time.

Tips for buying a sex doll

Generally, the more you spend on a sex doll, the more authentic the experience they give. The silicon doll market categorizes sex dolls as high-end, mid-level, and entry-level.

High-end sex dolls

They are pricey but give the most realistic sexual experience. Such realistic sex dolls are handcrafted using quality macro-molecule silicone. The silicone skin is reinforced with platinum to ensure it does not ooze out oils with prolonged use of the love doll.

High-end sex dolls also feature a skeletal structure that is very sturdy. The doll’s joints and limbs are also very strong and enduring. You can have the realistic sex doll in any positioning you want without it wobbling or collapsing.

Everything is close to the real thing- from the doll’s lashes to its lady features. This doll will last you 3 to 5 years before your next upgrade.

Mid-level Sex Dolls

Mid-range realistic sex dolls are also as lifelike as the high-end sex dolls that it is almost impossible to tell them apart. However, on closer inspection, you will notice that the craftsmanship is not as detailed as that of the pricey dolls. Nevertheless, such realistic sex dolls will still give you your money’s worth.

Medium level realistic sex dolls are constructed from either silicon or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The silicone made sex dolls lack the platinum reinforcement that protects the inside oils from oozing. On the other hand, TPE sex dolls may not ooze out oils but they tend to be stiffer and less realistic.

Mid-range realistic sex dolls succumb to wear and tear faster especially with prolonged use. They will last you 1 to 2 years (on average) before your next upgrade.

Entry-level sex dolls

These are the cheapest realistic sex dolls on the market that also fall into the category of mini sex dolls. A realistic sex doll in this range is no more than 3 feet tall. Nevertheless, it will boast of aesthetic lady features and is lightweight for easy handling. Their petite bodies also allow you to stash them away quickly in case the boys are coming over for super bowl night.

Realistic Sex Doll Buying Guide


Now that you know what to expect when shopping for realistic love dolls, here is a quick list of the best sex dolls on the market.

Mandarin Duck

She is a luscious black queen that will live up to your fantasies. She has a titanium alloy skeletal structure to support her sexy body and a silicone skin reinforced with platinum and is completely toxin free. Mandarin Duck loves to work on her fitness to keep it tight.

If you love a lady with a big bust, Mandarin Duck is that lady for you. Whether you have her on all fours or lay her in missionary, her strong frame ensures your intimate sessions go uninterrupted. She has a g-spot too, and plenty of folds inside her that will rub on you and heighten the arousal.

This dark-skinned vixen has a height of 60 to 66 inches. She might be hard to conceal in the closet, but why would you want to hide such a dashing beauty?


Sandy Blonde

Sandy is a blondie who also masquerades as a brunette or any color you prefer. Her skin is milky with a silky smoothness that feels great to the touch. She has full hips and a teasing mouth that hints of mind blowing oral pleasure. Her superpowers include cuddling in sensual lingerie and flexible limbs that will pose in any position you want.

Sandy the blonde features a metallic frame to keep her steady as you both explore each other’s sexuality. She is 161cm tall which qualifies her as a lifelong companion. Just as she wears different hair, she can also wear different faces to suit your inner sexual fantasies.

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Rifrani Asian Girl

A petite Asian girl with a rack to die for. Rifrani’s silicone sex doll feeds into the all your hidden fantasies. She is five feet tall with huge titties and a tiny, bashful face. Her sultry eyes are begging you for more. How can you turn her down?

Rifran Asian Girl can get things really heated up in the bedroom. She is up for anything you please, ranging from mind blowing oral to some steamy booty action. Her metal frame gives her a firm poise complemented by flexible limbs that allows you to bend her into any position you desire.

If you have been looking for a realistic sex doll, Rifrani Asian Girl is a great choice. Her lady bits looks exactly like a real lady’s; featuring folds, protuberance, and a g-spot. Enjoy her company because she is all yours for many sexy days and nights to come.


Sextime Ellen

True to her name, Ellen is a bedroom mistress armed with three naughty tricks to give you loads of pleasure. Her full breasts feel soft and nice to fondle. She has a sexy ass too and a realistic pussy that is ready for action.

Ellen would love it if you showered her with sexy lingerie. She has the body for it and will not hesitate to reward you with some stimulating oral, vaginal, or anal pleasure. Her metal skeleton and platinum silicone body ensure she lasts long enough to give you daily satisfaction.



Penny is the new “girl next door”.  She just turned 18 and is ready for some fun. Don’t let the innocent demeanor fool you, though. She is playful and loves making you cum.

Penny will give you unimaginable sexual fun be it oral, vaginal, or anal. Her rosy skin feels warm to the touch with a little heating. Also, you can choose if you would like her pussy with or without hair.


Ailijia’s Realistic Sex Doll

She is every man’s dream of a curvaceous woman. She is hippy, with a narrow waistline that measures 54 cm accentuating her 106cm wide girth. She has a thick derriere that balances with her equally huge and firm breasts. Her metal frame allows her to stand upright and do a sensual pose for you before you get into action.

An intimate session with Aijilia’s sex doll is one you are unlikely to forget. She will stare at you with seductive brown eyes as you plunge 7 inches into her. Or if you want some back action, she has a whole 6.7 inches ready to be explored. She loves oral too and will take 5 inches of you without batting an eye. She is truly a naughty girl, one that you wouldn’t want to share with anyone.


Sabrina Realistic Sex Doll

If you like skinny girls, Sabrina would love to make your acquaintance. She is a brunette with smooth, light skin and a tattoo on her arm. She has full breasts that want to be fondled and sex with her is a three-way affair. She is in on some oral, vaginal, and anal action. She will take any sexual position you want her to as she only aims to give you maximum pleasure.

Her TPE body will last you up to two years before your next upgrade.


Marica Hase Realistic Sex Doll

If you secretly want to be with the adult movie superstar Marica Hase, this silicone sex doll is your dream come true. Marica is molded from your favorite adult star’s body in her signature position that provides three ways to have fun with her. Her mouth, vagina, and rear are all ribbed to grip you tightly as she pleasures you.

Marica has her knees folding towards her to give you easy access to her sweet spots. Her hands are pressing down on her bosoms, holding them firmly so you can fondle her as you both glide in passion. Feel free to flip her over for some doggy action and rub firmly on her hips until you explode with pleasure.


GSZLY Realistic Sex Doll

This GSZLY sex doll has one advantage over other realistic sex dolls– she is able to be de inflated and easier to conceal. When you are ready for her, she inflates into a young brunette with a body to die for. She is very busty and loves to dress up in sexy lingerie underwear; the crotchless kind is her favorite.

This silicone sex doll is perfect to stir things up in the bedroom. Alternatively, she will keep you company when you travel.



A realistic sex doll is a worthy investment to any man looking for an unforgettable sexual experience. Remember, how much you are willing to spend determines the quality of love doll you are able to buy.

If you are a man or woman who wants to explore their sexuality in a discrete fun way, a realistic sex doll will cater to all your sexual whims. When ordered online, the package is shipped discreetly to your doorstep. Your neighbor will never know about your nights of self-love and untold pleasure.

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