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With camming at an all time high the pressure is on to find new ways to up your game, keep your clients, attract more clients, and continue to find that sexual pleasure in your enterprise. We all want to make more money, but let’s not forget to have a blast while doing so right?!

The camming industry has been around for some time, teledildonics not quite as long, but when the two collided not so long ago life as we know it has never been the same.

If you polled the web camgirls out there who are already using teledildonics and asked which one is their top pick, hands down they would all say Lovense Lush2 is the Cam model vibrator of their choice.

This remarkable tool/toy will enhance your ability to pleasure your client, ensuring a return visit. On the flip side I promise your experience will be every bit as enjoyable and sexually pleasurable as well. You will both end the sessions feeling blissfully sated. 

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With Lush2 involved you become a ”Lovense Cam Girl”, able to control the toy yourself and if you like to give up the reins, relinquish control to your client. With the latter involved your client may explore a more dominant role over you, but I assure you will enjoy the erotic sensations going on as this toy vibrates like no other, hitting all the right spots including that very special G-Spot allowing clients the ability of control you are also able to receive much deserved tips.

All this is done easily when you connect Lovense to Chaturbate or your camming site of choice. No worries if you aren’t extremely tech-savvy because I will provide detailed instructions on getting you locked and loaded, ready for action. Now let’s take a look at Lovense Lush2, the best Cam model vibrator on the market, and how it can help you function better in your industry.

Lovense Lush2  wireless vibrator is a webcam girls dream come true when looking for the best in a Cam-model vibrator. This little jewel is one of the most powerful Bluetooth remote control wireless vibrators sold today. Lush2 expands to 7.12 in. (180mm) with the head of the egg being 1.37 in. (34.7mm). When curved to the proper use the Lush2 is 5.2 in. (133mm) in length with a 3 in.(76mm) curve, and the egg head is 1.5in. (37mm). The curve design hits the G-spot perfectly. While  some may consider this small, I promise the Lush2 has the ability to rock your world.

The Lush2 wireless vibrator offers only body safe materials, being made with 100% silicone. It’s simple to clean with warm water and mild soap. So when you become a Lovense Camgirl you know your body is safe from harmful products and chemicals. There are no worries about harming your most delicate area. Don’t worry about beauty because this toy sports an electric pink body.

Have I mentioned the Lush2 is totally waterproof? This cam model vibrator can handle the splash as well as the dunk. Lovense webcam camgirls have all the fun! The Lush2 is rechargeable with a USB rechargeable cable, which is provided with your purchase. Don’t expect to use it often, however, because the Lush2 has an extremely long battery life of 2.5-3 hours of continued use. This all depends on the functions of usage.

When the first-generation Lush came on the market in 2015 it was a smash hit. Lovense has improved this product with the Lush2 by not only giving it the ON/OFF button but amping up the motor without reducing battery life. While that motor is amped up it is extremely quiet, meaning very discreet. This is one of the top reasons Lush2 is the best all time cam-model vibrator on the market today. This little gem is so quiet your clients will have no idea it’s on and running with the exception of your inability to hide the pleasures you’re being tormented with.

Need a Lush2? Get one from Lovense

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The new ON/OFF button allows you to turn it ON/OFF all while inserted comfortably. The button nests perfectly against your clitoris, but trust me it provides just the right amount of stimulation. The egg is inside your vaginia doing the most erotic vibrations to your G-Spot bringing you to the utmost pleasure.

Of course if you don’t feel like flipping buttons while you cam-model your way through seduction there is the wonderful option of close range control by using your smartphone.

Computers more your thing?

To pair the Lush2 with a Windows PC

Through the Windows App, you can adjust the intensity and strength of your vibrations by dragging the vibration bar.

There is also the most fun erotic opportunity out there for you Lovense Cam-girl models when you use a Lush2. That’s with your client/companion having the ability to control the Lush2. I’m not talking about Tip-to-Vibe we will discuss that later, I’m talking about the more intense sessions where you have that certain client…using your Lush2 has never been more exciting.

Need a Lush2? Get one from Lovense

Get Your Lush2 Here

Connect Lush2 wireless vibrator with your partner

Once this is done, you can enter the private chat room with them, where they can see their long-distance play options.

Simple to use

Press and hold the power button for 3-5 seconds and the red light will flash letting you know it’s time for seduction.

This same button controls the 7 various vibration modes. 

Pressing once gives a low vibration. The second press gives a medium and the third sends you to high. The fourth press puts the toy into pulse mode vibrating in rhythmic pulses. Fifth press sends out wave vibrations. Sixth sends you into fireworks. And my favorite ladies, seventh, gives us Earthquake mode! Yowza! When you need to come back down from that episode simply press again to start all over.

Pump up the jams

There is always the option of syncing to music if you like, which is another reason the Lush2 is a top pick for all time best Cam-model vibrator.  Also, the Lush2 has the ability to be sound activated. What Lovense Camgirl Model would not want her favorite playlist with sound activation?! 

Want more music vibrator goodies?

Check out the music vibrator guide

Chaturbate & Other camming sites

Camming Models let’s discuss using your new Lovense Lush2 to connect to Chaturbate or any of the other camming sites out there. This information will provide you the skills needed to connect to the Camming industry. All Lovense products are controlled through the Lovense Connect App.


For you webcam camgirls who will also be required to sync the toy with the camming site, the Lovense browser/ browser extension is also required. Once the browser is synced with the app, you can choose which site from the drop down menu as well as choose the tip/vibration levels. Tip-to-Vibe Shows are the yellow brick road to Oz. Promising to increase your profits all while giving your clients the ability to control your orgasms. This is most popular on token-based sites like Chaturbate but also effective on private-based and even Skype shows. While these tips are micro-tips don’t be fooled. They come in fast and hot adding up to a nice profit. Some sites have sections for models with interactive toys and some even add badges to their profiles offering interactive shows.

Need a Lush2? Get one from Lovense

Get Your Lush2 Here

How to connect the Lovense toys to cammming sites

Smartphone/Tablet Windows PC

Lovense Bluetooth Adapter +Windows PC

MAC/Apple Computer

Manually Add Extension To Chrome Browser

Manually Add Extension To Firefox Browser

Manually Add Extension To Firefox Browser

Most articles go over the other pros and cons but I have to say I really am hard-pressed to find a con on this Cam-model vibrator. If I had to grasp at straws and desperately find one, I would say the Lovense Lush2 might be a tiny bit expensive. Then when I do the research and look at what the other Lovense Camgirl Models are saying they totally disagree. 

Apparently using Lush2 can be profitable in the Camming Industry. So as I close this article I do so with nothing but two thumbs up for the Lovense Lush2 for all you ladies in the Camming World who aspire to be a Lovense Camgirl. 

It’s simple, buy your Lush2, connect to Chaturbate or your favorite site and step into the exciting profitable world of being a Lovense Camgirl.

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