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I’m going to introduce you to Lovense’s Nora, better described as the rabbit vibrator for ladies. For those that aren’t familiar with the term “rabbit vibrator”, it’s one that stimulates both the internal vagina and external clitoris at the same time. Unlike all other rabbits Nora stands alone, towering above the rest. So let me get down to the nitty-gritty and tell you all about her and the options that make Nora so fabulous.  Once you learn all of this rabbit‘s tricks I promise you will agree.



Nora comes packaged discreetly just like all Lovense products. Once opened you will find her to be pretty and pink, with the insertable length at 4.72 (120mm) and the handle at 3.15 (80mm). At first sight don’t think Nora is too small or short. Lovense knows what you need and with rabbit vibrators they are meant to focus on the G-spot. With the G-spot located just at the vaginal opening Nora wirelesss vibrator will press against this area giving you perfect G-spot stimulation. As with all Lovense products, Nora is made of body safe high quality silicone. Remember to only use water based lubrications as to not damage the silicone. Nora wireless vibrator is 100% splash proof and ready for water play (we will discuss this in a bit) but this also makes clean up easy. Simply wash with warm mild soap and water. Dry thoroughly before storing and always keep away from extreme heat or cold. Nora should be charged at least every six months but I have no doubt that you will have her in hand more often than that. 



There are many wonderful features to Nora, so let’s explore them together! First and foremost the rotating head gives easy stimulation to your G-spot. Added to that the vibrating arm is flexible and accommodating to suit any female figure. Both arms to Nora can be powered and operated individually.  This ensures that not only your G-spot is pleased but so is your clitoris, which is all too important for some of us when it comes to being pleasured. Before getting started it is necessary to apply lube to your body and Nora before insertion and to insert with the rotation feature off. Due to Nora’s curve it’s recommended to insert at a 45 degree angle. To turn on press and hold the button closest to insertion (A Button) for 3 seconds. Tap A Button for Vibration Control. Tap the button further back (B Button) for Rotating Control. Hold Button B and this reverses the Rotating Head.

Vibration Settings are: Low, Medium, High, Pulse, Wave, Fireworks, and Earthquake. Rotation Settings are: Slow, Medium, and Fast. Now that we have covered the controls, let’s not forget the smooth bumps along the surface of Nora for the enjoyment of manual thrusting. I’m telling you that Lovense has thought of everything with this rabbit. As mentioned above Nora is splashproof so don’t be shy with enjoying a little water fun, shower or tub can be amazing with this rabbit in hand.


As with all Lovense products Nora can be connected to the Lovense App and I have to say this is truly where the magic happens. Again, once connected both appendages can be controlled individually. Nora also has Bluetooth capability. If you feel really adventurous you can utilize tele-dildonics by using the app as a remote or getting tactile feedback from the device Lovense Max. You can use the app as a remote control in solo play or hand over the controls to your partner (who must have the app installed) and let them have control. To install the App simply turn Nora on. A blinking green light means she is ready to connect. Click the link icon. Tap “+” to begin searching. After the toy is found, tap “Done”. The light will stay on to indicate it’s connected. Your toy can now be controlled with your device. To pair with your PC: turn on Nora. A blinking green light means it’s ready to connect. Plug the Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter into a free USB port on your computer. Open and log into the Lovense Remote app. Click the link icon. Tap “+” to begin searching. After the toy is found, tap “Done “. The light will stay on to indicate it’s connected. Your toy can now be controlled with your PC. With this app your options are endless with Nora with or without a partner!



If you and your partner are forced to be apart due to travel don’t fret, because you can still experience the erotic pleasures you both have come to love. By simply syncing the Nora and Max you and your partner can both synchronize your toys to work in tandem. The way this works is as the male uses the Lovense Max, the speed and intensity will reflect on your Nora responding to his motions. With the app in place it also works as a messaging and video platform, so you can see each other and talk to one another during those intimate play times. Lovense also thought ahead making Nora and Max available in a combo package for your convenience. I would say this is probably the next best thing to being there, wouldn’t you?! 



Truly there are none. I found Nora to be everything I was looking for and then some. As the famous Bugs Bunny would say “That’s all Folks”. I’ve shared all there is on Lovense’s Nora. At this point I’m sure you are more than ready to explore the wonders of this rabbit for yourself.

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