As Valentine’s rolls around on the calendar again Cupid draws back his bow and hopefully takes aim at all of you. Speaking of taking aim let’s focus on a few items that will enhance your sexual experiences with your partner on this wonderful day. I’ve got a couple of suggestions for you that will help with seduction, flame the fires, and send you and your partner into bliss.

Sure, a card and a box of chocolates is a great start but please Lord Have Mercy do not stop there if you want to keep things lasting. Especially when with a small stroke of a finger swipe you could have an arsenal of erotic entertainment for you and your lover on this very special day. After all, love is in the air and y’all deserve to share in it.

So let’s talk about a few items that I’m sure you will find interesting. Massage oil candles, Lube Launchers, and finally, and couple of wonderful products from Lovense.

Massage has never been so seductive & intimate. 2020 is the best year yet thanks to massage candles from @isexeness #valentinesday

We have written articles on how wonderful massage oil candles are, but for those that missed out let me say if you haven’t already purchased one do so now. There is no better way to seduction than lighting a candle that has been specially made to arouse while calming your soul at the same time. 

Allow the candle to burn 20-30 minutes to melt enough for massage. While you enjoy the fragrance putting yourself and partner in the mood, maybe enjoy a glass of wine and listening to some music.

These candles are made from all natural oils consisting of Shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba, aloe, and vitamin E. Always paraffin free, so never getting too hot for sensitive skin. Most come with a pour spout to accommodate drip-free, no-mess issues, allowing perfect control of drizzle and where you want it.

Find the BEST candle suited for you and your partner

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Drizzle, Rub, Massage, Ah:

It sounds so simple right? Well, it really is. After your massage candle has burned for approximately 20-30 minutes to get the oil ready, simply blow out the flame. Then drizzle a quarter size amount onto your partner and massage in. More can be added as needed but trust me this quarter amount goes a long way. Since Afterglow massage candle is paraffin-free it will not feel like hot candle wax being poured on your body, only the warmth of massage oil with a small bit of “hoo” added in there.

Everyone needs to take care of themselves sometimes, so who says you can’t use massage candles to get the job done. While taking a shower or relaxing in a tub simply light Afterglow and let it be filling the room with that wonderful scent. When you step out, blot dry and then treat yourself to the all natural moisturizing agents that this candle has to offer. JimmyJane  massage candle will leave your skin replenished and youthful.

It’s time for you to ignite your JimmyJane and explore all that exotic Afterglow with or without your companion.

Has anyone ever complained about the sensual experience of massage from a lover?

JimmyJane is a design-centric brand founded on the belief that life is better with a sexy twist. JimmyJane designs products and experiences to provide pleasure, strengthen connection and create proactive possibility. To live sexy.

Get your candle today!

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Lube Launchers are fascinating creatures in the bedroom that will have you and your partner slip-sliding away. These wonderful products are injectors that when eased into the vagina or anus can release lube in a much easier fashion. Applying lubrications can be tricky.

No longer do you have to glob your hands around with lube and fumble with a sloppy job of making sure your partner is primed for pleasure. With this handy Lubricant Launcher you are capable of applying your favorite lube much more accurately. To load the lube all you do is place the tip in your lube and pull the ring of the launcher.

Once the launcher is ready slide into your partner’s vaginia or anal opening and push the ring. Viola! Slip slide away! There are Pre-loaded Disposable Lubricant Launchers also available for those who want to be locked and loaded on the go. Check this one out that contains a blend of silicone and water based formulas that provide a lubricant long lasting and safe enough for any material. Great for traveling or a night out, a 6 pack tube of passion performance slick gel will ensure that you are prepared for whatever comes your way!

Non-staining and easy to clean, this lubricant remains ultra slick and silky for smooth motion. Non-sticky means it cleans easily with mild soap and water. Size: 6 tubes of .17. oz. for a total of 1 oz. If you want more buy a 10 pack of Disposable Lubricant Launchers, making things more handy and a promise to yourself and partner that life will be stress free and smooth sailing.

Lubricant Launcher

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The features of a Lubricant Launcher are basic but with great appeal. They are easy to grip in a one-handed design for a more accurate and precise application of your favorite lube. When purchasing the Multi-Use Lube Launcher it is accompanied by two additional tubes. Lastly, the hefty 5” insertable shaft goes in deep to ensure lubricant is in place.

Now that you know the basics on Lubricant Launchers I’m sure you’re anxious to grab one for you and your partner to experiment with on Valentine’s. I have no doubt that y’all will glide into a rhythm together once you are lubed up.

There are several products that Lovense provides that will definitely hit a bullseye with Cupid’s Arrow. These wonderful toys are not just for the bedroom either, but meant to roam the earth. I say this because with each one of these products that I’m above to discuss Lovense has these toys, not just wireless, but Bluetooth and internet worthy to provide you and your partner endless enjoyment no matter where you are. With that being said, even if you are unable to get together physically on this special day you can still have intimate time shared.  Lets look at a few, shall we?

The Lush2 is a vibrator to stimulate the G-spot as well as the clitoris. The Lush2 expands to 7.12 in. (180 mm) with the head of the egg being 1.37 in. (34.7mm).  When curved to the proper use the Lush2 is 5.2 in. (133 mm) in length with a 3 in. (76mm) curve, and the egg-head is 1.5 in. (37 mm). The curve design hits the G-spot perfectly while the little bud hits your bean just right.

The first oscillating G-spot vibrator. The Osci is designed in an elongated ‘S’shape with a length of 7.8 in (198mm). The insertable part is 2.4-3.2 in (60-80mm). With the thickness being 1.46 in (37mm). The longer end that you hold is easy to handle and has the control buttons. At the insertion end where all the business takes place there is a small hollow. This hollow is the one of the keys to Osci’s secret weapons. I’m telling you now, that little hollow is heaven to the G-spot.  With stimulation settings of Low, Medium, and High.

I’m going to talk about these two as a couple but they can be purchased separately as well as together. The reason I want to introduce them together is they have the amazing ability to join one another like a couple. Nora is a wonderful rabbit vibrator With the insertable length at 4.72 (120mm) and the handle 3.15 (80mm). At the first sight don’t think Nora is too small or short. Lovense knows what you need and with rabbit vibrators they are meant to focus on the G-spot. With a rotating head that stimulates in Slow, Medium or High along with the vibrating arm in Low, Medium, High, Pulse, Wave, Fireworks, and Earthquake.

Max2 is pure pleasure for you men with 360-Degree contractions and air vents that allows you to control the suction and erotic stimulation while you stroke. 9.50 in (241.42mm) in length with a diameter of 3.33in (85.84). with vibration settings of Low, Medium, High, Pulse, Wave, Fireworks, and Earthquake. It also has contraction settings of Subtle, Mild, and Deep.

The Nora & Max have the capability to sync to each other. If you and your partner are forced to be apart due to travel don’t fret, you can still experience the erotic pleasures you both have come to love. By simply syncing the Nora and Max you and your partner can both synchronize your toys to work in tandem. The way this works is as the male uses the Lovense Max, the speed and intensity will reflect on your Nora responding to his motions. With the app in place it also works as a messaging and video platform, so you can see each other and talk to one another during those intimate play times.

All Lovense products are made of the high quality body safe material silicone. Remember to only use water based lubrications so as not to damage the silicone.  100% splash proof ready for water play also makes clean up easy. Simply wash with warm mild soap and water. Dry thoroughly before storing and always keep away from extreme heat or cold.  

Connecting your Lovense toys is simple with the Lovense app provided. Whether you use your pc or phone you are just a touch away from pleasure.

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There are no excuses now for you and your partner not to have romance on Valentine’s Day! The choice now is do you get the Massage Oil Candles, Lube Launchers, and a Lovense toy or settle on only one item for a great night of erotic adventure. I vote for all three. Of course if you are one of the unlucky couples that is struggling with being apart, again I say don’t let that deter you. Grab that Nora & Max! You will be amazed.

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