Release of the Lovense Max 2 Male Masturbator is a great benefit to most people. In addition to improving the hardware and performance-related features in the toy, the manufacturer changed the exterior appearance too. They conducted many constant studies and updates to ensure that the new product is the best. Today, the Max 2 comes with an improved sleeve, redesigned vibrator and 360-degree contractions. The charging process is easier and the battery lasts for a longer time. The sensors are extra-improved too!

The idea behind the Lovense Max 2 Male Masturbator is that it absorbs your movements and translates them into pumps and vibrations. The masturbatory sleeve fits around the penis and stimulates the feelings of being in a vagina. The device comes with an accompanying Lovense app known as “Body Chat” which is usable on PC/Mac, Android and iOS. With the app, you can set the two forms of stimulation at different levels or combine and play them to find a good feel.

The toy comes with inbuilt Bluetooth chip, which you can use to connect the device to your smartphone and choose one of the available options. After pairing the device with your smartphone, you can control all the mechanics of the toy without touching it. You can also automate the entire process by selecting a vibration pattern. The inner walls are made of soft material known as TPE, which feels and looks more like real skin. The manufacturer then surrounds the flexible material with plastic and mechanisms that allow it to pulse and vibrate consistently on the male limb.

The process of connecting the Lovense Max 2 to your mobile device is not something to introduce because it is simple. It is more like pairing two Bluetooth devices. The producer also provides a full guide page on how to do that on their website. The device offers several operation modes. Here they are.

Bluetooth with music

The Lovense Max 2 is compatible with smartphones and PC/Mac. To use it with your desktop computer or laptop, you just need to download the software from the main website. After that, you will be able to listen to music, which also activates the toy.

Partner play, with Bluetooth

If your partner lives far from you, you would want to play together. If your partner has a Lovense Nora, you can connect it to your Lovense Max. The partner play mode allows connection of two Maxes, a Max and a Nora or a Nora and a Nora. That eliminates some geographical limitations.

Solo play

You can use the Lovense Max 2 without connecting it to any device. And if you like replaying your recorded sessions with your partner, the Max 2 technology allows you to do that.

The revolutionary Lovense technology exceeds that of many other sex toys. The Lovense Max employs two techniques to create a great experience. The user can control the vibrations and contractions through the user interface to produce custom effects. You will have three modes – med, low and high. The three types of vibrations are low, high and med. After connecting the toy to your mobile device or personal computer, you will engage in a sex play with your partner from any part of the world – the video chat allows that. The app, downloaded from the main website allows you or your partner to control the air pump and the Max 2 so that it mimics the spasms of a female vagina.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, the Lovense Max 2 is a perfect choice. It brings hope to such couples in that it is the primary difference between failed relationships and successful ones. Here are the things you have to do to keep the device in good shape.

Charging the Lovense Max 2

The charging process of the Lovense Max 2 is simple. All you need to do is plug the offer cord in and ensure that it is making contact. Allow it to sit for some time or until it is completely charged.

How to clean the Max

The cleaning process is very simple. Pull out the sleeve and rinse it through hot water or with mild antibacterial soap. After that, rinse its chamber. Leave the case and sleeve to dry completely. Ensure that the water does not get in any other place apart from the inside portion of the toy.

Storing the Max

The device looks like a real masturbator and you will, therefore, have to store it properly for privacy reasons. You should not place it on a very high shelf and think that no one will know what it is. I am not an expert in storage but locking it in your drawer should sound like a good idea.

The ability to connect with your lover regardless of where she is sounds good. The involved technology, such as the Bluetooth feature and the ability to synchronize with other devices is worth adding to your life. The only thing that you might not like about this product is the outside appearance, which might affect your privacy.

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