Massage Candles: Our Top 6 picks 5 tips and what to avoid

The massage candle concept is just awesome to us. Light candles and warm up the oil before a nice sensual massage is now easier than ever with massage candles. Each candle is designed to melt wax at a very low temperature so that it does not burn your skin (nobody wants to end up in the ER after foreplay). Once the candle has burned for little bit the scent becomes intoxicatingly pleasure full and is now ready to be used as massage oil. Once the oil has melted each candle container is designed so that the oil can be poured onto the skin. We recommend pouring the oil from the candle into the palm of your hand so that it can cool slightly prior to applying it (especially to sensitive areas). Of course if you are into hot wax or interested in trying it out, this is an excellent entry into the fetish.

Massage Candle Tips:

  • Light the candle before taking a shower or bath to give the oil time liquefy
  • All massage candles can be poured directly onto the skin but we recommend pouring into your hand first to ease into it.
  • Put out the flame before pouring.
  • Keep other candles lit so you are not left in the dark when using your massage candle.
  • Blow them out when you are finished.

We found the biggest and best selection of massage candles on the market and sexeness has them available for immediate shipment.

This 8 oz. jar of goodness is one of our top massage candle picks in the scent department. Reviewers have noted that the smell is “spectacular” and with this tropical coconut blend you will understand why they said it. Handmade in San Diego California, these massage candles from sensual light are an excellent choice.

Greenfire All Natural Massage Oil Candles, French Lavender

We loved the petite travel massage candles by Greenfire. Coming in great scents like French lavender and travel size 1 ounce containers, you can have your sensual moments on the go. With the added benefit of a lip moisturizer, these massage candles are the multi purpose travel accessory everybody needs. With a premium blend of the finest essential oils that are all natural, safe for burning and made from recycled ingredients.


This massage candle is a natural blend of Hemp Seed and cosmetic grade oils with flavors like vanilla cotton candy the Skinny Dip brand claims to burn longer and moisturize skin and their products are 100% vegan. Other oils include avocado, vitamin E, apricot and jojoba.


Kama Sutra Massage Candle, Mediterranean Almond

We loved the smell of this massage candle and the wax also contains coconut oil, aloe vera oil and shea butter as well as vitamin E for added skin conditioning. The oil is less waxy feeling than competitors and smoothly glides across the skin with ease.

Jimmy Jane Dark Vanilla Bourbon

We couldn’t decide between the bourbon flavor or the dark vanilla. No other maker has the bourbon scent and we loved it! JimmyJane is a sex toy professionals and they do not disappoint in their version of the massage candle. With lots of skin enhancing shea butter, vitamin E, aloe and jojoba this candle burns for about 32 hours and has other fragrances like Pink Lotus and Cucumber.

Booty Parlor Don't Stop Massage Candle - Exotic Sandalwood Vanilla

With an AMAZING smell and 46-hour burn time, the Booty Parlor massage candles truly don’t stop. We loved the sandalwood smell, cute porcelain container and natural blend of shea butter, vitamin E & A, jojoba, olive, coconut and soy. Recommended as an excellent after bath addition. We did notice that although the container was nice looking, the pour spout did not quite do the job and we still had a couple drips here and there.

Avoid These:

Shunga Caress By Candlelight Massage Candle – Libido / Exotic Fruits

We have heard that many folks purchasing these received a waxy mess in the mail. While the exotic fruits smell was decent we cannot recommend the Shunga products.

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