Impact Play Kit Crimson Tied

Impact Play: Welcome To A New World

Are you looking for ways to spice up your sex life, and want to incorporate some adult toys but don’t know just where to begin? This brief informative guide is for any impact newbie out there, who may be interested in this fresh and fun way to achieve sexual empowerment and enjoyment. Read on to know a lot more about impact play, and also get a few suggestions of some toys you could sample as you begin your journey to the world of endless and improved sexual pleasure, enjoy!

For Her
-A position strap for doggy style is ideal for beginners who may not want something too kinky at first. Durable and machine washable, this strap makes doggy style sex easier and comfortable for both parties, allowing you deeper penetration for better clitoral and G-spot stimulation. By placing the strap at your hips and having your partner grab the looped straps you can begin to enjoy some deeply satisfying action.
– A Pink Leather Bondage Kit, which contains a lovely collar made of premium leather, two wrist cuffs, and two ankle cuffs. Each has two layers for durability and safety, and a buckle with a clasp you can lock. D-rings on the front allow attachment of more accessory options so you can attach to bed posts, anywhere else you please. This will surely introduce a new angle to love-making, and who would not love that?
-A Crimson Tied Three Piece Kit includes a blindfold for sensory play. You could use either the steel reinforced spanking paddle or the soft tailed flogger from the kit to tease, punish, and otherwise pleasure your lover with, as they will experience heightened anticipation from the absence of sight. Just make sure they are comfortable as the blindfold will introduce an aspect of little control for them which may be scary at first!

For Him
-A Urethra Sound Steel Shaft has a tapered tip for easier insertion, and a solid body for some great sensations. A grip at the end ensures the shaft will not penetrate too deep and allows for easy retrieval. When you spin the exposed end gently you will experience even greater sensation, and as stainless steel is impact resistant, non-porous, easy to sterilize, and temperature sensitive, you are assured of hygiene and great durability.
-A Steel Cage with Urethral Plug made of stainless steel and with a removable silicone urethral spout to let fluid through, has a flexible penis plug and with a soft silicone body that has smooth metal at each end for easier insertion and contouring to the natural shape of the penis, so it can be worn comfortably for a long time, great for those new to impact play.
-An Asylum Chastity Brace ensures his compliance under your control. With a gently contoured spine and plug for lengthened wearing, place his penis in the cage, fasten the base ring behind the balls, then secure him with the lock and key that comes included. You will decide when to set him free, and as it is made from stainless steel, this impact toy is ideal for long-term wear, and is hygienic and durable; definitely worth the investment so go ahead and give it a try.

For both of You
-A Strict Studded Paddle has 30 steel studs on the impact side, which add weight and give an intense feeling compared to other leather paddles, so if you are an impact newbie you may want to try using it gently and lightly at first, as you probably don’t want to scare your partner from ever wanting to use toys!
-A Flogger made from cords of Looped Leather has flexible leather strands running down from a handle that’s spiral wrapped, and a unique sensation is created as each tail loops in on itself producing a soft sting from the thin strands when they touch the skin unlike the sharper bite you would get from normal tails. This is the perfect toy for the impact novice, sure to open the gates to heavier equipment in future!
-A Red and Black Whip is sure to earn you respect with its serious and bold look. Inflict some pain on a disobedient sub and ensure your commands are followed. A few long strips at the end of a long tail add some sting on impact, and the leather loop at the bottom of the handle allows for easy storage, so there is really no reason you would not want to try it out!

For all these and a lot more, be sure to check out impact toys and if you are new to this type of thing, know that the first step is always the hardest, and once you begin this thrilling trip you will never look back because you will have opened the doors to endless new sensations so I say to you, all the best in your journey to the world of Impact adult toys!

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