Music vibrator will change life

Music Vibrator May Change Your Sex Life: A few songs and goodies to get off

Many of us may not associate music and sex. Lots of people have a deep passion for music and also for sexual pleasure but have never put the two together. Now we can indulge in music vibrators that are perfectly synced up with music opening a new door for sexual opportunity.

When it’s time to turn up the bass in the bedroom or give your next bedroom time a little more rock and roll you are ready to invest in your first music vibrator.

Not all music vibrators are created equal. Luckily Sexeness is here to help!

The proper wireless vibrator can be a long time companion and perfect way to experience your music in a new and exciting way.

We rounded up the best of the best and have a few suggested songs to begin your journey with music vibrators. Keep in mind we have over 20 options and growing if you want to shop around while you read our full guide on Wireless Vibrators check it out here: Wireless Vibrator Guide

What is a music vibrator:

music vibrator is a vibrator that can sync to your phone and music library. Once you select a song the music vibrator will start to vibrate in tempo with the selected song.

Depending on the music track this can be any type of experience you could possibly want. From rap to motown every genre can give you a little something different.

What is the best wireless vibrator:

When shopping for the right music vibrator the brand name is everything.

You should look at this as an investment rather than a simple purchase. But keep it simple and fear not because you have us to guide you in the right direction.

For years now we have sold wireless vibrators and for all of those years the Lovense brand has been one of the front runners.

music vibrator is a vibrator that can sync to your phone and music library. Once you select a song the music vibrator will start to vibrate in tempo with the selected song.

Depending on the music track this can be any type of experience you could possibly want. From rap to motown every genre can give you a little something different.

Best Music Vibrator

The Lovense lush 2 is one of our best sellers for over 4 years and featured in our comprehensive wireless vibrator guide. There is no surprise here as the app and music vibrator features are excellent with this wireless vibrator.

Purchase From Lovense Here

This vibrator that syncs to music can also provide a number of other experiences including touch sensitive vibrations that are linked to the touchscreen of your phone.

Let the music truly move you and turn up the bass with this incredible music vibrator.

With a compact design that is waterproof, discreet and powerful, the lovense is perfect for long distance, or same room use. The connection is strong once paired with the phone which takes seconds.

The battery lasts about an hour and forty-five minutes. The vibrations are strong and can be customized to suit the desired needs.

The vibrations are quiet yet also powerful with the best part being able to define your own pattern and intensity and then testing it out with your partner anywhere… think club, theater, beach, car, bus, plane you get it…

For those looking to accomplish public play in a quieter setting, the lush 2 is the wireless music vibrator of choice.

Lush 2 Music Vibrator is an excellent and versatile option for those looking for an all in one option. With sound activated vibration, the ability to sync to music and customize your own patterns, this is one of our most versatile options in the music vibrator category.

Where can I safely purchase:

Beware of knockoff brands and poorly built clones. When purchasing the music vibrator or any wireless vibrator we recommend going direct to the manufacturer by going to the brands Amazon or using the brand’s website.

You can purchase from Lovense HERE

Why purchase from brands website over other retailers:

First off you can be sure that you are getting an authentic product from the manufacturer. If you purchase outside of the regular retailer make sure you are not getting a small discount for an older model.

The brands website often sells previous versions for a larger discount than non brand retailers.

The last reason not to buy outside of the brands site is that there are very often big deals on the main site that retailers don’t have access to. For the Lovense lush 2 wireless vibrator you can get it from their website HERE

How to set up the app:

First you will want to install any batteries that aren’t already. Then simply turn on your music vibrator. You should be able to pair your vibrator with your phone by pressing the pair button on the wireless vibrator.

Once in pairing mode, the vibratory should be visible on your Bluetooth enabled iPhone or android phone.

Go to the settings app on your phone and open the Bluetooth menu. You should see your new vibrator ready to pair. Simply select the pair button and your music vibrator will sync to your phone.

Now you can open the lovense or your wireless vibrator’s app on your phone and start having fun!

How the app works:

Wireless vibrator apps will offer several different vibrator modes that are typical of regular vibrators and also have a few fun additions. Once you open the app
You can select which song to vibe to or choose any preloaded vibration pattern to get started.

We love the music vibrator and all of the exciting experiences it can bring. Our favorite so far is the lovense lush 2. This second edition of the first lush is improved in power and endurance.

Second best music vibrator:

Our second favorite music vibrator is from ohmibod and it is called the Club Vibe 2.0.

We love this because it has two modes. The first is similar to the lush 2 and pretty standard. The second mode is called “club mode”. With club mode you can turn it to this mode and go to your favorite club or music festival for the best experience possible.

This mode allows your vibrator to perfectly vibrate in sync with the music. The Club Vibe wireless vibrator is equipped with a contoured body designed to be comfortably placed in your parties. Kind of like a pad but with more groove.

You can get the newest club vibe music vibrator here on Amazon through the Ohmibod brand.

Siri2 By Lelo

This music vibrator is perfectly discreet and very powerful for its size. The first Siri was great and left us satisfied so Lelo listened and improved even more. Now the Siri2 is 100% waterproof, and has 8 new vibration patterns. These patterns were based on different music patterns delivering precise pleasure right where you need it unlike any other music vibrator.

The sound-responsive behavior can be controlled by the sound of your own moaning, the sound of your lovers voice or your favorite music (our music picks below). This is achieved by a highly tuned microphone that is designed to pick up certain frequencies to deliver maximum pleasure.

How does something with a sensitive microphone also become waterproof? Lelo coated the microphone in a layer of silicone as well as its charging sockets to ensure the Siri2 is 100% waterproof.

Turn off the sound-response mode and the Siri2 becomes an incredibly satisfying and powerful, waterproof, discreet wireless vibrator (and massager). Compared to the Siri1 it is 30% smaller and 50% more powerful and it is also quieter making public play seamless and easy.


OhMiBod Freestyle W

Our top pick and most versatile option for music adventures is the Freestyle W. Made by OhMiBod this premium music vibrator is perfect for those looking for a “rabbit” style vibrator with more than just a vibration feature.

According to OhMiBod the design of the Freestyle was inspired by the shape and power of a cresting wave. With a smooth soft silicone and intuitive controls we believe they hit the mark.

The Freestyle is our music vibrator top pick because it is packed with features like; 3 vibration intensities, 4 patterns that are pre-set and the best part is Music Mode. Not to mention the operation is completely wireless! With this many benefits, we couldn’t help but feature it in our wireless vibrator guide.

Music Mode brings your music to another level. Just connect any iPod, iPhone or MP3 player and it will ensure coordinated pulsations that go perfectly along with your favorite tracks. With the App available in the iTunes Store the Freestyle is easy to connect and use. Switching tracks is a breeze and we didn’t have any hiccups with connection when we were building up to climax. Spot on!

OhMiBod Freestyle G

With a slightly different shape from the Freestyle W The Freestyle G is also a great music vibrator pick and certainly worth mentioning. Also with 2 motors, 3 speeds and 4 patterns, the Freestyle G has plenty of features to get you off.


OhMiBod BlueMotion

Blue Motion Nex 1 2nd Generation from Oh Mi Bod. The Blue Motion Nex 1 2nd generation is more compact and designed to fit closer to the body allowing it to be more comfortable discreet and enjoyable for the person wearing it. The panty vibe now contains a more powerful motor for intensity along with 4 integrated manual mode patterns. This new version of Blue Motion is made with body safe silicone and ABS plastic phthalate free. This upgrade provides for a softer feel and improved comfort.

Other Music Vibrator Options:

Nalone Musucman-Y

Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe

Bliss® G-Spot Vibrator

For even more music vibrators and a look at our favorite wireless vibrators check out our wireless vibrator guide!

Songs To Start With:

Ordered yours already and looking for some excellent tunes to get you started on your music vibrator journey? We put together some of our favorites when we are feeling in the mood.

For best music vibrator results choose a song with constant sound rather than rhythmic starting and stopping of sounds.

Starting with some solid Steve Aoki “Delierious” is perfect if you enjoy his music especially.

When it comes to music everything from Taylor Swift to Jack White did the job. We particularly like low tempo songs to get in the right mindset and then throw on some up-tempo songs for a solid finish. With music vibrators, you can truly feel the music.

Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe  a Kendrick Lamar favorite was also at the top of our listen list and did NOT disappoint.

Started From The Bottom is a great Drake song to get you started but if you are a big Drake fan you will find that most of his beats are perfect for any music vibrator.

How to keep wireless vibrator clean:

Keeping your wireless vibrator clean shouldn’t be complicated. With a bottle of good toy cleaner you can be confident knowing your wireless vibrator is clean. A good cleaner also conditions the special rubber and other materials designed to feel like the real thing.

Here is what we use for our toys

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