Natural Insomnia Cure – Sexual Healing

After a hectic day when the dog was sick, your computer broken down, you had an argument with boss and to cap it all, you got a parking ticket, the only thing you can think of it’s the large glass of red wine waiting for you when you get home. What you should be thinking about though is an evening of passion guaranteed to blast your stress and send you to sleep relaxed.

If you feel you just don’t have time for sex, you’re not alone. The hectic pace of 21st century life, soaring stress levels and long working hours have taken their toll on people’s sex lives. In one survey, less than a third of women have the average amount of sex and at least twice a week and 43% suffer from low libido.

When you have an orgasm, your body releases five times the normal levels of cuddle hormone oxytocin, which calms you down for sleep. Orgasms also produce a rush of endorphins which life your spirits. One study even found that a shot of semen boosts the mood of women with depressant. Many of whom suffer sleep problems it seems that the vagina absorbs all the nutrients found in semen like zinc, calcium, potassium, fructose and various proteins which makes its way into the bloodstream a few hours later.

And if headaches are preventing you from getting to sleep, sex may be just what the doctor ordered. Most headaches are tension headaches and muscle tension is usually found in your head, shoulder, neck or back. After you’ve had sex, the feelgood endorphins released act like a mild pain killer.

There’s nothing like a runny nose to disrupt your sleep either. Sex, however, can boost your immune system by triggering the release of antibodies into the mucosal immune system in the mouth, lungs and gastrointestinal tract, blocking the passage of viruses and bacteria into the bloodstream.

Most important, good sex life rings you closer to your partner because of the intimacy you share. And if you’re happy with your partner, it’s one thing less to worry about when you’re trying to get to sleep and it seem the more of it you get the better. One study found that people who have more sex feel happier in their relationships and at work and have learned how to handles stress better.

Rev Up Your Sex Life

o Flirt with each other, over breakfast, while you’re brushing you teeth, in the queue at the post office, everywhere.

o Throw your TV out of the bedroom, watching TV in bed hypnotizes you into wanting to sleep and kills off your sex life.

o Don’t skip the kissing. It makes sex last longer, strengthens affection and arousal.

o Give each other massage. Using oil, give each other 10 minutes massage. Don’t spoil it by talking about mortgage payment, though. Or for something a bit naughtier, try a body to body massage like man on his front, woman on top. Rub your body up and down his.

o Eat banana in bed. A rich source of vitamin B they enhance sex and orgasm by promoting the flow of blood to your sex organs.

o Go to bed naked there’s nothing like baggy jogging pants and a holey T-shirt to put you off sex. Leave a T-shirt by the bed for it you get cold later.

o Talk to each other it’s the key to good sex and a lively libido and before you say you’re too busy, it doesn’t take much time. Set aside a time each day between 9pm and 9.30pm for instance, when you don’t watch TV, you actually catch up and talk. Go out together once a week and bring back that first date feeling by sometimes arranging to meet at the restaurant separately. And get away for weekends. If you have children, get grandma or auntie to look after them. By setting aside time on a weekend away or a romantic night in, you’re telling each other you’re important and are learning to enjoy each other’s company again. Then you can start talking about sex. Ask each other what you enjoy doing, whether you want to try something different like new positions perhaps? Don’t make it serious and have fun with it.


Source by Samantha Hement

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