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Menstrual Cup: Not what I expected is an UNDERSTATEMENT

Why? Because I’m sick and fucking tired of rushing to the store every time I start my period and paying $8+ a box for 18 Tampax Pearls (As a tampon snob, I only preferred these). Also, I want to be more environmentally friendly. I’ve heard terrible things about the chemicals that we are subjected to insert into our bodies to plug up this free flowing red river every month. Really, I’m tired of the stigma. I’ve always been about that girl power kinda attitude and here I am, 26 years old and still ashamed and embarrassed about my period and body. Why? That’s another story, for another time.

So I went for the diva cup. It was readily available at the local Wholefoods and thought, “why not?” I paid $30+* and I already had toy cleaner from my collection of vibrators I accumulated over the years, otherwise, I would suggest buying the menstrual cup cleaner, too. I was so excited and already felt kick ass for trying something new for the good of the world around me and for my bleeding lady flower. So I went into it with a positive, excited, empowered vibe.

(first time inserting the diva cup menstrual cup)

Ouchhh. Oh my Damn. Hello. Okayyyy. Okay. Is that right? Hmmmm! We’ll see.

The first time I inserted the smallest size they offer (made for women that have not given birth). I’ll be honest. It wasn’t comfortable. It wasn’t a slide in, push the tab and volia, peaceful and lovely, you’ve got yourself a menstrual cup.  NO. You have to fold it a certain way and that still hurts. And Oh my goodness gracious, make sure you cut your nails. Sorry ladies with the fancy acrylic, more power to you, but yeah. No nails are wanted for this job. And please, wash your hands.


Once you leave the position you put in the menstrual cup, I didn’t feel it. It wasn’t uncomfortable. I didn’t even feel it until a couple hours later, when it started to fill up, which you want. It starts to feel “heavy” and the tip of it started to come out of my vagina. When walking, that is not favorable. It rubbed me wrong and felt wrong. But I just had a “keep calm and carry on” attitude. This is all part of the new experience. I mean, remember back to when you first wore a tampon. Whoa. You didn’t know if you were going to do this thing called being a woman. Fuck this! Nahhhhh, you got to keep rolling.

how do I empty this thing

Empty time!

I don’t know why, but I was too excited to see what was going on down there to wait the recommended time. I thought, I bleed so much, this thing is probably about to be too full. So I pull on the tip, the way you do a tampon string, and kind of push down like you are trying to push something out and it popped loudly. Like it was suctioned to my cervix. Weird, but I actually think that is the point. That’s what you want so you don’t have excessive leakage. It hurt or felt uncomfortable. I still haven’t figured out how to pull the fucker out without being subconsciously terrified about delivering a child one day. My over active anxiety, so don’t let that worry you.  I mean the menstrual cup isn’t even as big as an erect cock. So, you’re good. Ain’t no thang but a chicken wang.

So, when I saw what I had in the cup, I was so disappointed that it wasn’t even 1/3 filled. I just knew my body had created more than that. Next, you pour it out, rinse, and make sure the tiny holes around the top or widest part are clear of any blood. I don’t know why, it just says that on the box. I usually get a toothpick or an earring to poke it clear. Then you just put it back in and repeat as needed.

I’ve only used the diva cup for maybe 3 months. It gets better with practice, but I am still not totally sold. Sometimes, I’ll even have a tampon around for backup. With time and patience, I hope to totally replace tampons with just a cup. My next mission/ experiment is the sea sponge. It seems to provide more of a natural vibe, which I would prefer.

Just remember, we are amazing creatures that can harvest life inside our bodies for 9 months and nurture life as long as we live and breath. That is powerful. We need to not be embarrassed or ashamed of anything our bodies expel, like for example, our period, menstrual cycle, or moon cycle whatever you prefer to call it. Our period is powerful and nothing short of amazing and the same hold true for our whole bodies and well being. Namaste, extraordinary beings, Namaste.

Final Verdict:

Once you get comfortable with the feeling of the menstrual cup inside you (it takes a few days) and then you get used to emptying it, the menstrual cup is a decent alternative to tampons. I will admit after the first month I swore never to put one up there again but kept trying. After 3 months of consistent use I am now 100% comfortable with the diva cup and while I still have a spare tampon stashed away (just in case), there are no plans of turning back and going down the expensive tampon and pad road ever again.

If you are on the fence about using a menstrual cup I say go for it! Give it a solid chance and keep my story in mind because yours may not be too much different. I have friends that have loved the diva cup from the start and others that absolutely hate it, so it is certainly an acquired taste. If you do decide to try it my recommendation is to give the menstrual cup a fair shake (3 to 4 periods) before you give up on it. It is a different experience and some new experiences can be strange at first but awesome in the long run.

diva cup

Other Options:

There are several options on the market that are very similar to what I tried. Here are a few that may be worth a shot if you do not want to go the diva cup route. For our entire menstrual cup selection check out our entire stock of menstrual cups.

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