No matter what your lifestyle, sex, or age there is an Afterglow waiting to be embraced by you.

Set the mood to relax by lightning this beautiful massage candle and enjoying the wonderful fragrance of Dark Vanilla. JimmyJane describes this remarkable fragrance best by saying it’s the exotic Vanilla Orchid as it was meant to be ~ rich and musky, with an intoxicating liquor finish. There’s nothing plain about it.

JimmyJane Afterglow massage candle is not a typical candle, or for that matter even a typical massage oil candle. This candle is clean burning, paraffin-free and lead-free, with natural cotton wicks. Afterglow has a perfect melting point that liquifies into luxurious massage oil. This oil is formulated of all natural ingredients with Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and Aloe. The beautiful porcelain votive radiates a warm rich glow while burning and has a pour spout for easy no-mess application. Each Afterglow burns for up to 32 hours when treated properly. I assure you every one of those hours is memorable.

Drizzle, Rub, Massage, Ah:

It sounds so simple right? Well, it really is. After your massage candle has burned for approximately 20-30 minutes to get the oil ready, simply blow out the flame. Then drizzle a quarter size amount onto your partner and massage in. More can be added as needed but trust me this quarter amount goes a long way. Since Afterglow massage candle is paraffin-free it will not feel like hot candle wax being poured on your body, only the warmth of massage oil with a small bit of “hoo” added in there.

Everyone needs to take care of themselves sometimes, so who says you can’t use massage candles to get the job done. While taking a shower or relaxing in a tub simply light Afterglow and let it be filling the room with that wonderful scent. When you step out, blot dry and then treat yourself to the all natural moisturizing agents that this candle has to offer. JimmyJane  massage candle will leave your skin replenished and youthful.

It’s time for you to ignite your JimmyJane and explore all that exotic Afterglow with or without your companion.

Has anyone ever complained about the sensual experience of massage from a lover?

JimmyJane is a design-centric brand founded on the belief that life is better with a sexy twist. JimmyJane designs products and experiences to provide pleasure, strengthen connection and create proactive possibility. To live sexy.

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If Dark Vanilla isn’t your first choice of fragrance or if you simply want a variety check out the amazing deal of a 3-pack JimmyJane Afterglow in the wonderful fragrances of Vanilla Sandalwood, Berry Blossom, and Mystic Mango.

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