Ambi Vibrator

Ambi Bullet Vibrator

Ambi Bullet Vibrator LOVENSE LITTLE HAMMER Ambi can definitely be described as the Hammer for your sex toolbox. This little vibrator from Lovense is shaped like a hammer and is well equipped to satisfy. As a bullet style vibrator Ambi stands alone in the crowd due to her beautiful form. All too often, traditional bullet vibrators are found to be clumsy with nothing to grasp onto as you attempt to ride the wave of pleasure. Lovense has given you the answer [...]

Domi Wireless Vibrator

Domi magic wand vibrator

Domi THE MAGIC WAND Domi, a Mini Wand bluetooth vibrator is what Lovense calls it, but I refer to this as the Magic Wand and let me explain why. While Domi wireless vibrator is small she fits perfectly in my hand and casts the magic spells to all the right places to ensure a most erotic experience. There’s so much more packed into this little magic wand, so let’s explore. ABRACA-BLUETOOTHVABRATA Domi holds all the charm and magic in 9.2 inches (234mm). [...]