Are You Holding Your Sex Life Back?

 You've read all the findings, are aware of how good a healthy sex life is for you physically... you're informed! If you still 'can't get no satisfaction' and wonder what the hullabaloo is about, it may be about you. When this most intimate of acts feels mundane it may leave you wondering if you are just different, or imagining that something must be wrong with you. Should you have an affair to see if it is your partner or [...]

Sexual Healing and Tantra

 The term "healing" conjures up images of fixing something that is viewed as broken or unhealthy. Sexual healing would be needed to heal a physical illness or to correct behavior that is sexually dysfunctional or deviant. Pedophilia, sex addiction, impotence, and frigidity are some examples of conditions for which sexual healing through the aid of a medical or mental health professional would be most appropriate.Tantra is not a method of sexual healing so much as it is a useful [...]