15 Guys Reveal the Strangest Thing That Ever Made Them Lose a Boner

1. “One time during sex, I began fascinated by The Bee Film and I simply misplaced it.” —Jonah, 19

2. “Having sex for the first time and not with the ability to discover the hole.” —Sam, 24

3.Once I was in a scorching tub with some pals. One pal, who was a lady with some good assets, had been drinking and somehow her top fell off. Surprisingly enough, though I didn’t have a boner on the time, I positively didn’t get one or grow to be .” —Noah, 21

4. “The queef-like sound when air will get trapped during sex…” —Nick, 18

5. “My mother strolling into the room.” —Alex, 25

6. “Having somebody name me my dad’s title when speaking dirty to me.” —Isaac, 19

7. “Me and my girlfriend were hooking and she or he left to go get on clothes to role-play. Now, it’s essential to know when I think of medical doctors, I think of surgical procedures and blood. Not a fan. Properly, to my shock, she came out in a good lingerie doctor’s outfit … Boner gone.” —Shane, 28.Looking down and seeing my chubby abdomen.” —Ray, 27

9.A furry arm.” —Adam, 20

10. “I get distracted by science movies on the Web while watching porn.” —Jesse, 22


11. “The sound of certain porn stars moaning.” —Eli, 28

12. “This lady once sneezed in front of me throughout sex and he or she had an enormous booger hanging from her nostril.” —James, 28

13. As soon as I used to be hooking up with this woman outside on an old playground and a bee stung the tip of my penis. Mood killed.” —Andrew, 19

14. “My girlfriend texting during sex.” —Ben, 25

15.I was having sex and my canine began licking my foot and I simply could not stick with it after that.” —Ari, 23

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